Veneta Lab-Veneta Mineraria S.p.A. provides a full suite of services to our business which is strongly orientated towards catering for our customers specific needs.

What we do

With a broad selection of technical resources and experience gained in over 50 years of activity, Veneta Lab-Veneta Mineraria S.p.A. boasts a reputation as a sector leader in the analysis of raw and processed mineral products.
Our laboratory team conducts chemical and physical analyses which ensure product quality and value. Moreover, the laboratory constantly updates both instruments and equipment to ensure clients a service which is truly cutting-edge and innovative.

Veneta Mineraria S.p.A. – Veneta Lab is accredited in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard with Accredia accreditation No. 2042 L.


Veneta Lab laboratory offers a full suite of services to our customers including:

  • Determination of elemental composition by X-ray fluorescence (Xrf)
  • Determination of elemental composition in trace amounts by plasma mass spectrometry (ICP)
  • Determination of Apparent Density
  • Determination of True Density (using a helium pycnometer)
  • Determination of compressed volume and apparent density after compression
  • Determination of the oil absorption value of pigments
  • Determination of pozzolanic properties of pozzolanic materials
  • Determination of the acid demand value of sands
  • Characterization of clayey materials using the methylene blue test
  • Particle diameter and dimension measurement using a laser granulometer
  • Characterization of powders and granulates using sieve granulometry
  • Simultaneous determination of anions in aqueous solutions