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Veneta Mineraria is an Italian company and market leader in the production of products based on pyrite, sulphides and mineral oxides. The business was founded in 1944, the result of the brilliant intuition of its founder, the engineer Felice Spinoglio. Throughout its 80-year industrial development the business has remained faithful to its initial objective: producing and marketing selected minerals in the form of raw materials for basic industries.
In 1998, Veneta Mineraria acquired Caolines de Vimianzo (CAVISA), a mining site located in Spain, which provides a source of minerals such as kaolin, muscovite mica and sand. During the 2000s, Veneta Mineraria founded affiliated companies aimed at managing mineral deposits and commercial activities abroad.

Veneta Mineraria today

Today, Veneta Mineraria offers its customers long-standing, professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the raw materials it sells.
Through our ongoing collaborations with Research Centres and Universities, we boast a reputation as a reliable partner for the development of bespoke solutions that improve product performance and process efficiency.

At our Italian plants, we design and manufacture products based on Pyrite, sulphides and mineral oxides mainly catering to the abrasives, resulphurised steel and glass sectors. The products we design and manufacture in Spain complete our broad portfolio serving a wide spectrum of industries, including ceramics, paints and varnishes, rubber, farming and cosmetics.

Our Veneta Mineraria team is constantly committed to supporting our customers throughout every phase of the design process: from the identification or development of the raw material and its packaging, to production planning and preparation of an effective logistics organization aimed at ensuring cost-savings. As a medium-sized business, we possess the agility to respond promptly, offering specialized personnel and bespoke solutions.

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